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Neuropuncture in Florida

Introduction - What is neuropuncture?

Neuropuncture is a complete neuroscience acupuncture system, That has been personally developed by Dr. Michael Corradino, incorporating the neurophysiology of acupuncture, published medical research on electrical acupuncture’s effect on the nervous system, the application of 21st century western medical sciences, and integrating all this within the holistic traditional TCM model.

Neuropuncture treatment prescriptions are neuroscience evidence based, research supported, patent pending, and clinically reproducible. Applying western medical sciences to the classical TCM module does not subtract from the efficacy of the “traditional” acupuncture system, it only amplifies and further explains the unique, powerful neuromodulating effects that can be scientifically understood and harnessed by Neuropuncture’s clinical techniques. From depolarizing affected nerves, targeting specific neural receptors for the release of neuropeptides, targeting specific regions of the brain, to regulating dysfunctional autonomic spinal reflexes.


Disorder that can be treated with Neuropuncture

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