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Our Mission

Our mission in Ombright Wellness Acupuncture Holistic Center is to have a great impact and positive results on each person that comes to our door, looking for our help.

We are in service to the Florida community offering individual approach in treating any negative symptoms and disease. We treat body as union of physical, emotionally and spiritual sphere and balancing it according to 5 elements and meridian school theory, and also using the fundamental homeostasis healing principles of our body. By supplying you with tools like acupuncture, herbal remedies, nutritional coaching, dietary therapy, homeopathic remedies, meditation and many more healing modalities, we support you and guide you to achieve optimal wellness.

Freeing you of pain and helping you to obtain a higher quality of life, with harmony on your inner fulfillment of the highest purpose of your destiny and desired path.

Specializing in internal medicine, neurological disorders and pain management